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Meet our senior leaders

Allison Hill headshot

Allison Hill

Chief Executive Officer
LifeView Group
Gentleman in suit and tie

Dwight Davis

Global Connections to Employment

Vice President
LifeView Group
Sandy Whitaker headshot

Sandy Whitaker

Vice President of Corporate Development
LifeView Group
eric barley headshot

Eric Barley, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
LifeView Group

Meet our senior operations team

Russ Schreiner headshot

Russ Schreiner

Vice President of Operations
Carol Duke professional headshot

Carol Duke

Vice President of Administration and Support
Mark Kessler headshot

Mark Kessler

Vice President of Innovation and Business Development
Lori Kain headshot

Lori Kain

Senior Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy
Bill Dietz headshot

Bill Dietz

Senior Director of Operations
headshot Betty Geren

Betty Geren

Senior Director of Operations
Gopal Mishra headshot

Gopal Mishra

Senior Director of Operations
Jimmy Vickers headshot

Jimmy Vickers

Senior Director of Operations
Lisa Bloodworth headshot

Lisa Bloodworth

Senior Director of Transition and Support Services
Katrina Simpkins headshot

Katrina Simpkins

Senior Director of Employment and Support Services
Tia Takigawa headshot

Tia Takigawa

Senior Director of Organizational Management Services
Pam Aman headshot

Pam Aman

Senior Director of Operations