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Veterans Initiative

Veteran in a wheelchair

The Global Connections to Employment (GCE) team recognizes the tremendous contributions of the men and women who serve our country.

Service members, veterans and their families have committed their lives to keeping our nation safe, and their sacrifices are great.

We understand that veterans may face significant challenges as they transition back to civilian life or seek to balance their careers with continued service in the National Guard or Reserves. We are here to make this transition for veterans smoother.

To honor and thank veterans for their service, we established our Veterans Initiative, whereby we commit to making Veterans, including those with disabilities, a priority when hiring for open positions.

Veterans bring enormous value to the environments in which they perform. Therefore, we have an enhanced focus on the career development of transitioned veterans and those in the process of transitioning back into civilian life.

We aim to position veteran team members for success in their post-service lives through our programs and initiatives. Veterans will find rewarding as a GCE team member directly related to their skills and talents. In addition, throughout their journey, GCE Targeted Employment Navigators are available to assist veteran team members in achieving a successful transition into the workforce.

Through Lakeview Center behavioral health services – an affiliate of our parent company LifeView Group – we are available to help our veteran team members with the unique challenges they face throughout life’s journey.

GCE is also proud to be listed in the National Resource Directory, a searchable database of resources specifically vetted for service members, veterans, family members, and caregivers. GCE is also Virginia Values Veterans (V3) Certified, a participant in Army Partnership for Youth Success (PaYs), and a Department of Defense (DoD) Skillbridge provider.

Young retired soldier in a wheelchair