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Business services

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GCE has more than 30 years of experience providing administrative support services, including to the federal government.

We understand what it takes to provide the highest levels of support so that our customers can focus on their missions.

Our core competencies in business services include:

  • Mail and postal center operations: Mastery in managing “accountable” mail, “Official Mail Centers” for processing and delivering official and classified/secure mail, and “Postal Service Centers” catering to the mail needs of troops on base
  • Administrative support services: A proven track record of providing seamless administrative backing, aligning with the federal government’s and military installations’ culture
  • Receptionist services: Extending a professional and welcoming point of contact, embodying the values of efficiency and courtesy
  • Security badging: Assuring a secure environment through meticulous security badging services
  • Courier services: Reliable and prompt courier services ensuring timely delivery and absolute confidentiality
  • Switchboard operations: Facilitating seamless communications with adept switchboard operations
  • Help desk services: Round-the-clock help desk services, resolving queries with promptness
    and professionalism
  • Maintenance program management: Implementing robust maintenance programs ensuring operational continuity and safety
  • Travel information and booking services: Streamlining travel logistics with a blend of efficiency and convenience
  • FOIA request fulfillment: Expertise in managing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests
    with precision and transparency
  • Records management and imaging: Ensuring accurate and secure records management, embracing modern imaging techniques
  • Secured destruction of records: Upholding the highest standards of confidentiality with secure record destruction services.
  • Directive writing and maintenance: Tailoring directives with clarity and maintaining
    them with diligence
  • Publication editing, file maintenance and technical illustration: Delivering crisp editing, meticulous file maintenance and precise technical illustrations.
  • Customer training: Offering comprehensive training modules covering postage expense management, classified material handling and records management

Our expansive range of business services provide our employees with rewarding career opportunities. Our team member selection, training and management processes have positioned us as a leader in the industry for employee retention – a win-win for team members and satisfied customers.

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Our differentiators

  • Mature and financially strong company
  • Large business capability with small business agility
  • Extensive government and commercial contracting experience
  • Strong business management systems
  • DCAA-compliant financial systems
  • Comprehensive site-specific safety programs
  • Application of Six Sigma principles
  • Proven Quality Management Systems
  • Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification with honors since 2012
  • DUNS: 794976360  Cage code: 7DF84
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Business services contract locations

Our journey is adorned with long-term collaborations across esteemed military installations and federal agencies. These engagements reflect our unwavering commitment to supporting the operational needs of our clients. We manage business services at the following locations:

Eglin Air Force Base Official Mail Center, Fort Walton Beach, Florida (since October 1991)
• Processing and distribution of official mail at 130 delivery sites

Hurlburt Field Air Force Base Official Mail Center, Mary Esther, Florida (since April 1995)
• Processing and distribution of official mail at 85 delivery sites
• Postal Service Center operation of personal mail for 5,700 Air Force members

Naval Air Station Pensacola Naval Education and Training Center, Pensacola, Florida (since October 1996)
• Processing and distribution of official mail
• Reception/security badging and monitoring
• Travel review and processing and help desk
• Directives control/management
• Maintenance program management
• Administrative office management

Fort Novosel Army Aviation Center of Excellence, Enterprise/Ozark, Alabama (since October 2008)
• Responsible for several administrative and business functions
• Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process management
• Processing and distribution of official mail at 68 sites
• Publications and records management
• Communications and forms management

Warner-Robbins Air Force Base, Georgia (since July 2021)
• Subcontractor Digital Schematic Solutions
• Provide technical editing, graphic illustrating, and quality control for our partners in the creation and editing of air craft maintenance manuals

Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (since July 2021)
• Subcontractor Digital Schematic Solutions
• Provide technical editing, graphic illustrating, and quality control for our partners in the creation and editing of air craft maintenance manuals