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Customer testimonials

GCE has decades of experience meeting the demands of complex operational systems, and our team has earned many awards for service excellence.

Below are some of the rewarding comments we’ve received from our customers:

It has been a pleasure working on the base custodial services contract with you. I am so thankful for the support received from the GCE team on day-to-day tasks.

Mercy, you rock!!! Thank you for always being a team player. We have had wonderful experiences together on this contract and I appreciate all you have done to ensure each base facility was cleaned according to its level of service. Our job wasn’t always easy, especially in these last five years, but we worked it! We worked it to the best of our ability even with ALL the obstacles put before us. We worked this contract with honesty and integrity; that’s why I can smile and know we did good!

The thoughtfulness you exemplify radiates the goodness in you. The care and concerns you have for this contract and your people show in everything you do. Your team is the best! From Victor, Dana, Debbie, Bosha, Cleo, Smiley (please forgive me for not remembering her real name), your floor team, and all the cleaning techs have made this contract successful. Please give them my sincere appreciation and know they will never be forgotten! Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Much success to you, your team and the future of this contract.

-Valda Y. Gant, Civ, DAF, Contracting Officer’s Representative 6 CES/CEQ, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida

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I work at Fort Knox… a co-use building with multiple entities working out of it. This building has high visibility from the leadership of Fort Knox due to the activities that take place here. I work as part of the Casualty Assistance Center and regularly have classes of 25-35 senior enlisted and officers as a part of my classes. This building also houses the Garrison Director of Human Resources and the Soldier for Life – Transition Assistance Program. There are four classrooms in this building with a combined capacity nearing 150. There are also seven different bathrooms, multiple offices, two conference rooms and a ton of traffic on any given day. I tell you all that to say, Donna has been servicing our building for a while now and has been a true professional. Donna is always on top of everything in this building and has to work around everything from multiple classes going on at once to some of the most somber visitors and events there can be. Donna is always cheerful, lends kind words and will do anything to make sure this building is in the best shape it can be. On occasion, Donna works with David and Chad in this building and others. Brenda is the supervisor or inspector… She makes checks on the work being done and asks if there is anything being missed, or issues [that need addressing]. Brenda is always very nice and ensures work is done to a high standard. [I] thank your team for providing us with this support.

-William K. Marcum, Casualty Assistance Trainer, DHR/Casualty Assistance Center, U.S. Army Fort Knox, Kentucky

This morning I had the privilege of passing out certificates of recognition to two of your employees: Mike Dwyer and Philip Thiele. I have known them for a number of years and both gentlemen have consistently and repeatedly gone out of their way to assist us with building issues here at the clinic. Most recently we suffered a significant water leak, which led to flooding in our lab, waiting areas, and specialty offices. Through their responses, we were able to correct the problem within a very short time minimizing the impact of this disruption on patient care. Without their efforts, we could have had to shut down several critical areas for hours. Mike Dwyer is an able, reliable and dedicated leader of our cleaning staff and took charge of a situation that could have disrupted the function of the clinic and affected the welfare of our veterans. Philip Thiele, likewise, was outstanding in his commitment to his job and his readiness to work with Mike for the benefit of the clinic and the veterans we serve. It was my pleasure to award both of these men certificates of appreciation.

-Michael Finn, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs, New Port Richey Outpatient Clinic

I just want to forward a “job well done” by the two GCE cleaning crew gentlemen whom I had “coverage” duty with this a.m. They did a GREAT job in multiple executive offices, hit ALL restrooms and cleaned glass mirrors, and mopped ALL bathrooms/common area break rooms. This included emptying every little grey trash can – stocked with extra bags, and then checking the hallway trash area to make sure it wasn’t overflowing with trash. I know that the leadership in those offices appreciates the diligence and professionalism of the crew…heck, they even Windex-cleaned all glass, “Fancy SOCOM LoGo” executive entrance doors! I hope that you’ll forward this email to their GCE management team so they can give those gents a well-deserved compliment and a pat on the back.

-Jim Hyde, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida

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