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Services overview

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Helping people is the Mission we live by each day.

People with disabilities are looking for a wide variety of career opportunities, and we offer many lines of business to serve their needs. We empower our team members and help them find fulfilling careers, while providing a variety of services to communities including military sites. Across all lines of business, the shared GCE experience is a commitment to excellent service.

Since our establishment in 1986, GCE has grown into one of the country’s largest employers of people with disabilities under the AbilityOne® program, working with customers at military bases, commercial businesses and health care environments. We stand ready to serve across our diverse lines of business. GCE is nationally recognized for meeting the requirements of complex and demanding systems for facility operation, outstanding leadership development, workforce engagement, and successful subcontractor relationships.

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Lines of business

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Business services

GCE has more than 25 years of experience providing administrative support services, including to the federal government, as well as military installations. We understand what it takes to provide the highest levels of support so that our customers can focus on their missions.

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Contact center services

Our contact center team is committed to achieving first-call resolution. We foster innovation and champion customer inclusivity to remain effective in this dynamic digital age. Our team harnesses industry-leading best practices, employs cutting-edge tools, assembles the best talent, and emphasizes efficiency in every process.

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Custodial services

GCE custodial services ensure that each cleaning standard is met efficiently and with utmost attention to health and safety. Every day, our team cleans more than 14 million square feet for the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, as well as a wide range of other customers.

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Employment and support services

GCE Employment and Support Services is designed to help people with disabilities prepare for, obtain and maintain employment. We offer recruitment and outreach, assessment and evaluation, career planning, pre-employment transition services, on-the-job training, community based employment, coordination of workplace accommodations and job retention support.

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Facilities management

GCE conducts inspections, provides maintenance, makes repairs, cleans, and responds to emergency and construction needs. Our team is committed to a safe and healthy working environment that protects your team members, your customers and your bottom line.

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Food services

GCE sets high standards to ensure that each dining experience is comprised of high-quality ingredients and contains a number of nutritious options. Our dedicated team serves more than 11 million meals every year at single unit, multiple-facility and base-wide food service operations locations.

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Information technology services

GCE team members provide comprehensive information technology services, including network, system and telecommunications administration, as well as cybersecurity, enterprise help desk support, ongoing customer service, software and systems development and sustainment.

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