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Why choose us

Meeting for hire with disabled workers

Global Connections to Employment (GCE) is a nationwide team providing job opportunities and vocational training for people with disabilities.

We empower our team members by matching them with fulfilling careers in diverse fields such as information technology, facilities management, food services and other business sectors. GCE collaborates with a range of partners, including the U.S. military, commercial businesses, community organizations and various levels of government. As one of the largest employers under the AbilityOne® program, GCE plays a crucial role in helping people who have significant disabilities to engage in meaningful employment, thereby fostering inclusivity and economic independence. Through these efforts, GCE not only enhances individual lives but also enriches the broader community.

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Since our establishment in 1986, GCE has grown into one of the country’s largest employers of people with disabilities under the AbilityOne® program.

Our team has received many awards for service excellence.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Decades of industry expertise
  • Engaged and informed team members
  • Corporate strategy that combines business and social impact goals
  • Collaboration with partners who share a sense of responsibility for improving the world we live in
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GCE has cultivated enduring partnerships with individuals, organizations, and entities whose values align closely with ours.

This has resulted in the formation of a dedicated board of directors and leadership team, many of whom have been integral to our organization for over three decades. Their extensive tenure provides us with a wealth of expertise, enabling us to evolve dynamically and consistently meet the needs of our team members and partners.

We have gained national recognition for our adeptness in meeting the intricate requirements of demanding facility operations. GCE fosters exceptional leadership development to ensure workforce engagement, all while cultivating successful relationships with subcontractors.

Recognized as adept operators of complex systems, our management team places significant emphasis on staff training and managerial leadership development, building engagement at all organizational levels.

Our commitment to operational excellence is unwavering, as we continuously research and implement industry best practices. Moreover, we actively promote a culture of information sharing with other non-profit agencies, aiming to enhance employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities across the board.

We stand ready to serve across our diverse lines of business.


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Our differentiators

  • Mature and financially strong company
  • Large business capability with small business agility
  • Extensive government and commercial contracting experience
  • Strong business management systems
  • Application of Six Sigma principles
  • Proven Quality Management Systems
  • Green Building (CIMS-GB) certification with honors since 2012
  • DUNS: 794976360 | Cage code: 7DF84
Meeting for hire with disabled workers

Our parent company

GCE is an affiliate of LifeView Group, a comprehensive human services organization with a Mission of “helping people.” Our team serves others through some of their most vulnerable moments, providing behavioral health care, child welfare support and employment services for people with disabilities.

LifeView Group and our three divisions are non-profit 501c3 organizations, operating with support from our community and our valued partners.

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