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Pinnacle Award honoree

2023 Pinnacle Award honoree

Pensacola, Fla. (January 2, 2024) – Lori Kain, director of government and community relations for Global Connections to Employment, is a Pinnacle Award honoree. Each year, 850 Magazine honors leading women in business who hold themselves to high standards and contribute to the betterment of their communities.

Lori is a tireless advocate for persons with disabilities who seek independence through employment. From Capitol Hill to Pensacola, Florida, she is fueled by many successes.  

How this 2023 Pinnacle Award honoree makes a difference

A meaningful job is empowering to anyone, but especially to people with disabilities who face additional barriers. Lori is responsible for improving the odds that a person with a significant disability can find employment.

First, she knows that relationships are key. Lori collaborates with government affairs peers on initiatives. Likewise, when she has the opportunity to speak with a legislative leader, she takes advantage of it. It’s important to ensure people with disabilities are heard.

Second, she advocates for people with disabilities and forges pathways for them to share their own stories. People with disabilities want to achieve the same independence and life goals as anyone else in the world. They need to be heard.

Third, spreading success stories during key events advances the GCE mission. Every year, Lori meets with legislators during the annual SourceAmerica AbilityOne Grassroots Advocacy conference on Capitol Hill. The GCE Team Member of the Year travels with her to share share their story. A fist-hand, lived experience is quite compelling.

It’s not just about employment. Training and support opportunities are important too. That’s why Lori aims to to have local and national attention on the employment needs of persons with disabilities. Serving as a role model, she embraces the mission of helping people throughout life’s journey. Keeping her eye on both short- and long-term objectives, Lori strives to build consensus while remaining adaptable to change. Whether she’s analyzing data or attending an employee recognition event, Lori is fully invested. She earned this honor based on her passion for expanding job opportunities for persons with disabilities.             

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