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Services at Fort Carson

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Chris Seventko, GCE site manager at Colorado Military Health System

Pensacola, Fla. (April 1, 2023) – A team of about 100 newly hired employees are now providing services at Fort Carson. They support the Colorado Military Health System in Colorado Springs through LifeView Group affiliate Global Connections to Employment (GCE). The GCE team is responsible for assisting with health-related appointment services at the U.S. Army Post where soldiers, airmen, civilians, and their families work and live to keep our country safe every day.

The new contract hinges on GCE’s longstanding relationship with the United States Air Force, a tenant unit at the installation. Undoubtedly, Fort Carson U.S. Army Post is the third largest employer in the entire state of Colorado. The installation’s assigned service member population exceeds 25,000, with more than 38,000 family members. The military community depends on Colorado Military Health System for essential health services, like dental, medical, mental health, pharmacy and vision. Specific tasks are supported through Tricare. For instance, appointment management and scheduling; registration verification, health information validation, and assisting Tricare beneficiaries with a multitude of services.

The team providing services at Fort Carson

GCE couldn’t provide these important services without amazing team members, including veterans. The team takes great pride in hiring, training, and mentoring our Colorado Springs team, to support them on a path to independence and competitive employment. Through the decades, GCE has played a part in countless stories of joy and overcoming adversity, while providing many award-winning services to the government. By removing employment barriers, GCE empowers a team that reflects corporate values through high degrees of skill and integrity.

“We want Colorado Springs and other communities to learn about our services and how we may be able to help them through our services or employment,” said Chris Seventko, Site Leader, Colorado Military Health System, Global Connections to Employment.

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