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Credentialing and quality assurance team prevailed

Dorothy Clark headshot
Dorothy Clark, GCE Credentialing and Quality Assurance team member

Dorothy Clark and the GCE Credentialing and Quality Assurance team prevailed playing an integral role in design and software changes.

In March 2020, amid the coronavirus outbreak, the Space Force Academy announced that the inaugural class would graduate early. Therefore, the graduates needed their new CACs sooner than anticipated.

Dorothy’s team processed the first batch of CACs from the Defense Manpower Data Center Central Issuance Facility in Seaside, CA. They did so within one month. The GCE team in Lorton, VA, mailed the corresponding CAC Personal Identification Numbers so that officers could activate their CACs. The team expedited the order with precision and was proud to be part of such a historical moment.

The GCE team is proud to have a dedicated coworker like Dorothy who takes ownership and sees challenging project through . A goal of GCE is to help team members feel empowered. We help match them to fulfilling careers like Dorothy’s. We provide custodial services, facilities maintenance, food services, businesses services, and information technology. We work with customers from the U.S. military, commercial business and community partners – as well as federal, state and local governments. We also help team members prepare for success in their roles through our employment and support services.

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